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Market Start-up

We help you to approach Italian Electrical Market;  Product  market feasability  and SWOT analysis . 
Target  evaluation  and segmentation  test . Business plan  and  timetable actitivities 


Italian market is our native market .  We provide full service throught our  office facilities and expertise . Italy is your  plaform to face   ​EU , Nord Africa , Arab Gulf  as well as South America markets 

Renewable  Energy 

Apparatus for Large - Medium and small Hydro power  plants, High power Storage  systems 

Power Generation 

Turbine , Generator ,  HV sustation components ,  Power Transformers , SF6 Circuit Breakers, as well  HV ,  Power and instrumentation cables  
Throught  our local partners  we support and supervise  your  EU  market  expansion  earning step by step your references  at  European  main Power Producers, HV Transmission , Utilities as well as EPC   .   ENEL  company  covers  most of  West and East   European  countries by its Italian HQ    

Vendor List Qualification

Target  Vendor list application  with solution package with survey and evaluation of eventual local partnerships 
Sales & Marketing
Your Sales & Marketing package solution for Italian market as well as our reference markets. tender calls  , bid preparations as well as negotations and contract awarding  
HV Transmission  
420kV - 245kV - 170kV apparatus and systems Circuit breakers, Auto Transformers for infrastructure and Networks Italian operator TSO TERNA Rete Italia 420kV - 245kV - 170kV
Nord Africa  
Italian    Oil & Gas and Construction   EPC  company  cover most  of  Nord African  markets   (Algeria , Marocco, Tunisia .... )  .  We drive  locally with our network of  local  expetise  sponsors
​Projects  Management 
Your project management with  long expertise in High and Medium Voltage  for  Power and instrumentations  fields 
MV & LV  Distribution
MV  Vacuum/SF6 breakers, RMU,   LV  ACB , MCB, MCCB .  Power center and MCCB panels, Smart Meters . MV and LV cable  
South America  
​ENEL  company   own most of   Distribution Utility  as well  handle huge investiment in Power Generation .  ENEL  Distribution as well as ENEL Green Power  Rome HQ  supervise   activities of  Ampla  (Brasil) , Coelce (Brasil) , Codensa  (Colombia), Edelnor (Perù),  Enersis , Chilectra  (Chile)       ​
Branch Management
We   consult , guide and assist in establish your Italian Branch ,   Expertise for financial , technical and management supports 
Arab Gulf 
Italian  based  Oil & Gas and Construction   EPC  company  cover most  of  Arab Gulf  countries (UAE.  Saudi Arabia, Oman  , Qatar...) .  We  may support you  with our network of  local  expetise  sponsors
Oil & Gas  
Power and Instrumentation  apparatus and cables .  HV MV  sustation  apparatus 
After Sales  Service 
With our partner company Global Industries we provide after sales service throughtout Italy and  Spain , We   perform testing &commissioning  of  HV  SF6 Breakers , HV instrument transformers , Power Transformers , LA   , HV cables or  OPGW .  24h call Site Repairing  and spare  parts  depot  service 
HV  substation  apparatus . MV panels  DC 3kV panels and apparatus ,  HV Fuses  DC  

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