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Market Target



We undertake to market products to Master Utilities first, as well as minor Utilities, Contractors, Industries, and Consulting Engineers.
Our commitment to our partner is to market the product vigorously and secure a growing share in the shortest possible time, planning medium and long terms goals.

Provide our international partners with creative and effective marketing solutions for their introduction, development and consolidation in the Italian Electrical market, meeting and anticipating market and partners expectations.

To facilitate our partners’ success by providing them solutions and services that have the best balance between results (short terms) and outcomes (long terms).

To attract, retain and motivate highly talented people who subscribe to our values by providing them with a challenging growth environment.

To develop and sustain relationships with strategic suppliers and partners.





Foster Marketing started its activity based on the entrepreneurial capacity and know-how acquired in over twenty years of experience of its management coming from competencies matured in the Electrical and Mechanical equipment market.  The good balance among know-how, human resources capabilities and information technology resulted in a dynamic and modern organisation which offers efficient and reliable services and effective output and outcome results.
This places Foster Marketing in a leading position to market products in the Italian market. 
It is our goal to maintain the highest standard of honesty, integrity and ethics in all respect of our business with customers, suppliers, employees and society at large.

Agency & Representation: Aimed at companies that want to enter the Italian market.

Project Management: aimed at companies that handle turnkey project , we support with full project management service by qualified and specialised human resources.

Partner’s local branch office facilities: assistance to partner’s Italian company setting up and establishment, to ascertain local direct presence.

Marketing Information: Market research, method of entry, marketing strategy, sales network, distributor channels, marketing, sales and promotion plans.

Commercial J.V. : We market products with Italian brand name, trade marks, origin and added value to overcome barriers and protections.

Products sourcing: assistance to purchasing departments of partners for procurement of components and materials from Italy or International market.

We offer sales and marketing services to ISO9001 prime quality companies involved in the manufacture of equipment & components and provision of services in the Electrical, Mechanical and Telecom fields for: Power stations Renewable Energy: Hydro stations , Wind farms and Solar stations  EHV/HV Energy Transmission EHV/HV/MV Substations HV/MV Energy Distribution MV/LV Substations

Railways: infrastructures and transport 

Telecommunications : Opgw, cables and components

Quality Ststements
Quality System

Quality Statements

Quality System

It is our policy to consistently follow and exceed our partners’ expectations. Partner satisfaction and anticipate Market changing are vital part of our mission.
Having satisfied our partner ensures our success and provides security and opportunity for the our group and community. To achieve total satisfaction we have the following paths:

Partner and Market first.
Keep the partner and market foremost in our thoughts and our processes.

Quality Services.
Provide our partner with services that have the best features, performance, all at the lowest possible costs.

Exceeding expectations.
We think the way our partner think, we define services on our partner terms, set goals to surpass expectations and anticipate future needs.

Excellent service.
We view our service as a synergy, a total partnerships dedicated to helping our partner to discover and achieve maximum value and outcome.
We serve our partner by providing commercial as well as an high professional technical support.

Our response to partner needs isn't limited to off-the-shelf solutions.
We offer individual services and sub-systems that best meet partner's specific requirements. We know, by delivering the best solution to a partner's specific achievements, to ensure our partner's and our own successes.
Our vision creates an environment with a constancy of purposes so that breakthrough marketing solutions are encouraged and rewarded:

A strong focus is a key of our innovative service. Focus concentrates our creative efforts on vital areas that will obtain the highest return both for our partner and our company.

To be leaders in the field of our activities, we market the best quality and innovative technology, so that our services are distinctive and rise above our competitors' offerings.

Great leaps of quality and productivity are the result of hard work coupled with organised and planned actions and creativity.

From time to time we take a breakthrough decisions, high risk projects that fundamentally change our partner’s and ourselves competitive positions. By stimulating our group , we assure that services and system provide the best performances. 

Deming model.
Our quality system is based on the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) model of process improvement. We use the PDCA model to establish processes and improve them.

As part of service and quality program, we carry out checks on the quality of processes and services and adopt SPC Statistical Process Control procedures

It helps to align and anticipate the continuous improvement process to partner and market future visions.

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